Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Couple Bits of Humor

You ever have those mothering moments when you know you shouldn't laugh, but just can't help it? Well, Wyatt has been so excited for the Little Hoopsters Basketball season to start, and his new coach FINALLY called to let him know about his first practice tonight. He got dressed in his best basketball attire in record time, then decided he'd better warm up before we leave to the practice. He dribbled the ball around our kitchen a little, then proceeded to tell me that he was one of the best defenders in his class when they practice at recess. I asked him to show me some of his moves, and what happened next will forever be burned in my memory. You know those times when you wish you had a video camera attached to your forehead that was constantly running? Well, this was one of those times. I can't even describe what he did- it was like a sideways running man with a little YMCA mixed in. Just a sec- I have to laugh again just thinking about it. Zane and I looked at each other, and all I could think was "don't laugh- just DON'T laugh..." but it was useless. All of a sudden, before I could stop it, the silly grin on my face exploded into gut wrenching laughter. Zane too. We just couldn't help it. While I was laughing hysterically with my face buried in a pillow, I told myself to come up with a reason for the laughter, because I knew Wyatt would ask what was so funny, but I just couldn't. Well, when I finally calmed down, after multiple aftershock spasms of giggles, he asked. I just told him that those were some of the most amazing moves I'd ever seen and it just caught me off guard. Thankfully he accepted that and went off to practice his dribbling and other moves. Then I looked at Zane and busted up again. Yes, good job Mom. Way to build the self esteem. Anyways, this should be an interesting basketball season, as well as very entertaining.

For the next bit of amusement, every time I walk out into my garage I have to smile. Hanging on the wall all along one side are about nine or ten garbage sacs filled with empty pop cans. A good neighbor friend of ours brought them over because they knew our kids collect cans to turn into the recycling center. The thing that makes this funny is every single sac is filled with almost nothing but Diet Coke cans. Every now and then you might spot a root beer can or some other flavor, but 99.99 percent of the cans are Diet Coke. I don't know how long it took this particular family to collect so many, and I didn't ask, but I suspect that it wasn't as long as you might think. Anyways, thanks for the cans- now that I got this on the blog, I'll let the kids take them over to the recycling center. They'll be excited to earn a few dollars each from your donation, and I'll have a smile in my heart every time I think about it. By the way- any guesses on who the generous Diet Coke addicts are?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I really wanted to write another post right now, but my desire to take a nap won out. Sorry.