Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh, the things we do for beauty!

(Alysha, this one's for you!!)

I meant to do this post a couple of weeks ago, but time has gotten away from me again. Better late than never, so here goes. I had decided that I wanted to get Maycie all dolled up in patriotic attire, complete with flag shirt and tye-died leggings. I even made a big red flower headband to complete the outfit, but some lady told me it looked like a hat, so the one in the pictures is different. I fluffed up her hair and put on her new little white flip-flop sandalls, but something was still missing. Then it hit me! Her toes were not painted. I thought, "now wouldn't it be cute if I paint them in alternating hot pink and blue? One problem, though. Maycie was not in a cooperating mood and wouldn't hold her feet still. I sang every dumb song I could think of and tried in vain to distract and entertain her, but to no avail. Well, I was not about to let the one year old beat me, so I formulated a plan... This plan included a high chair, a couple of long ribbons, some treats and toys, and a CD player (I thought maybe my singing was bugging her). Anyways, I put Maycie in her high chair and tied her feet to the posts with the ribbons. Now I'm sure some of you are remembering a previous tying-up incident, but don't be calling Child Protective Services on me, because I swear this is the only other time I've ever done it and I wouldn't have done it had she cried. My plan worked, though, as her sweet little toes turned out so cute! It was all worth it in the end- her toes totally made the outfit, so I'd do it again if I had to! Now don't we all do some pretty crazy things for beauty? Waxing, tanning, plucking, botoxing, nips, tucks, lifts, shall I go on? Even if you haven't done all those things, I know you've thought about it a time or two! So what's a minor ankle restraining compared to all that? Don't we all love great toes!